All of our services are 100% FREE:

  • Pregnancy Testing
  • Pregnancy Verification
  • Ultrasound
  • Pre or Post Abortion Counsel
  • Natural Family Planning (a natural method to avoid or achieve pregnancy)
  • Educational Materials
  • Classes and Support Sessions
  • Baby Supplies
  • Medical and Community Referrals

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Experience the Difference of Quality Services

We provide emotional and material support for women throughout the Milwaukee metropolitan area. Our services are provided free and are designed to give you important information.

  • Pregnancy Testing

    We provide free pregnancy testing with same day results. If you are pregnant, we offer further services to you at your convenience. We also provide important information about birth control.

  • Ultrasound Screening

    Why an ultrasound? To see for yourself. An ultrasound can show whether or not you have a viable pregnancy, in other words a developing baby and at approximately what stage/age.

  • Support and Assistance

    We offer support sessions and material help for your future. Contact us to find out more.